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Hello, I am Elliot Grahamov. I'm not a financial advisor. I got no investments, insurance, or mutual funds to promote you. Inspired by the need to build a financial culture as well as a basic knowledge of personal and global financial issues in people Payday Box UK Blog aims to inform and educate its readers by providing interesting and, most importantly, useful information from the financial world.

How much can I get

Simply a simple search on the internet can tell you many hundreds of different short-term lenders all promoting their cash advance loans. For borrowers who're pressured and in need for money quickly, it really is confusing try to pick a very good lender and wade through the countless adverts, websites, and choices. And unfortunately, not all the loan providers operate reasonable lender tactics, so an applicant must be very careful which loan company they decide to work with. A single question we're usually asked is how much pay day loan am I allowed to receive? ... read more

Signs You Could Use a Personal Loan

Are you in need of a personal loan? Payday loans not fitting your requirements? In case of an economic struggle or things you desire to buy there is a way out. These are some signs that could tell you whether you are an idyllic applicant for a personal loan or not. You cannot pay your rent or pay the mortgage and worried about losing your home then you are the perfect candidate for a personal loan. This way you can make the required payments and keep your house...read more